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Beduinenfrau mit Ziegen
Im Beduinenzelt
Im Beduinenzelt




Staying with Salmeh

Salmeh loads her donkey with two empty water canisters and her dirty clothes for washing. Today she goes with us to the well 4 km away.


Her little daughter Fatma herds the goats with loud calls. They come with us to the waterplace. It is early morning and it is still pleasantly cool. After an hour we reach a small group of palms with the well.


Several Bedouin women from another valley near by are already there and are making some tea on the fire. We greet each other and then we drink very sweet black bedouin tea.

The latest gossip is exchanged and of course all of the women want to know our names and where we come from.


The clothes are washed by hand and laid out to dry on large rocks. The women invite us for lunch: ash bread with vegetable soup. Delicious!


In the afternoon we walk with Salmeh back to her tent.


It's been a wonderful day!

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