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Camel Tour "Desert Experience" in Sinai



Desert training


Learn from the Bedouin how to live in the desert ...


You are supervised during this camel journey by your own Bedouin guide. With his help bake Bedouin bread, collect wood and cook Bedouin food. You water and feed your camel. The Bedouin will show you how to saddle and load your camel. Every day you receive Arabic lessons so that you can communicate in time a little. In the evening you sing Arabic songs along with the Bedouins and learn their dances.

During the whole journey you wear Bedouin clothes that we will buy before the trekking starts. They are practical and comfortable, the bandanas protect from wind and sun.


This trip is suitable for people who want to immerse themselves in the Bedouin cultureto get to know the desert and who want to learn something new.


Each day, we will only be riding about 2-3 hours, to allow sufficient time for the Bedouin education. At night we sleep in the desert under the stars.


«The desert is the garden of Allah, from which he has banished all the superfluous human and animal life, so there is a place where he can walk in peace.». (Arabic proverb)


We recommend at least 8 days are required for you to enjoy and make the most of this unique desert experience.


Trips are available for a minimum of 2 people at any time However, please note we do not recommend the summer months of June to end of August.


Price per person per day including Rimah as a guide: Euro 180.- (2-3 persons), Euro 160.- (minimum 4 people).

The price excludes flights, transfers and hotel accommodation! Cheap flights are available with easyJet, Air Berlin and Edelweiss Air


If you would like more information, please email us and we will get back to you!


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Rimah Walther

St. Catherine

South-Sinai / Egypt



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