Desert trips with Rimah-Tours

General Information


Who can come?

All people, young and old, with normal fitness levels, with a willingness to live simply and love of nature and understanding of foreign customs.


Carefree holiday fun

You are in a new and different country. Here you might find some things strange and unfamiliar.

You will better understand the country and the people, if you look around carefully and adapt to the customs of the locals.

For example "asking permission" when you want to take a photo gives you a little time to contact your subject.

Shopping is in many countries different than ours. In a market or bazaar haggling is desired. Do not be afraid, try your hand at the art of haggling.



If in doubt refresh tetanus and polio vaccination togehter with Hepatitis A vaccination. Other vaccinations are not required. As a precaution, however, it is advisable to bring a remedy for intestinal disorders, not to eat unpeeled fruits, avoid ice cubes and drink only bottled water or Micropur sterilized water.


Formalities and money

The passport must be valid at least 6 months from the journey home. The visa for Europeans is issued in Jordan on site by our agency, in Sharm El Sheikh you can get it for U$ 15 at the airport. Euros or other currencies can be exchanged in all banks and hotels in Egypt and you get a better exchange rate. However, it is recommended you take 20 Euros worth of Egyptian pounds.



As you know, it is customary in many countries, to give the professional people who are in contact with the tourists a tip, since those generally receive low wages. These people meet real and important tasks to ensure that your holiday run as good as possible. They appreciate your magnanimity.



Since we will be often visiting local families, we recommend you bring some small presents:

  • Soap and perfume, beads or embroidery floss for women
  • Lighters and pocket knives for men
  • Matchbox toy cars and vitamin candy for the kids, baby and children's clothing.


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Rimah Walther

St. Catherine

South-Sinai / Egypt



Special offers

Camel trekking in the Sinai desert combined with a week at the beach holidays or diving at the Red Sea.

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Camel Trekking in the Sinai combined with a trip to Jordan and a visit the famous rock city of Petra.

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Kameltour in Petra