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Rimah is originally from Switzerland, speaks German, English and Arabic. She leads us along with the Bedouins to the most beautiful places in the Sinai.


Zidan is a son of Anise

and Rimah and an excellent tour guide.
He speaks German very well and takes good care of the travelers.

 Tour guide Kamal Kamal, the son in law of Rimah, works for a long time as a tourist guide. He also work as a drivers and brings us safe and competent through the roughest areas. Nor Nor is also a son of Anis and Rimah. When he is on a visit in Sinai, he also guides tours. He is fluent in Swiss German.
Id Id grew up in the desert and spent his whole life with camels. He knows every rock in the Sinai and he trains young camels. He shows us new pristine areas. Raduan  Raduan is a diligent young Bedouin and worked for many years for Rimah Tours. His good humor and cheerful nature is contagious.
Jebeli Jebeli is a dignified and devout Bedouin. With calmness and patience he carries out his work and cares lovingly for his camels. Kamelhengst A large white camel colt.

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Rimah Walther

St. Catherine

South-Sinai / Egypt



Special offers

Camel trekking in the Sinai desert combined with a week at the beach holidays or diving at the Red Sea.

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Camel Trekking in the Sinai combined with a trip to Jordan and a visit the famous rock city of Petra.

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Kameltour in Petra