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Women Travel in Sinai


Behind the Veil


The life of the Bedouin women between tradition and modernity.


On this trip you will get to know the friends of Rimah. We will visit various Bedouin families with different lifestyles. We will talk to the women about their tradition and their religion. Together we share our thoughts and desires.


We will either live as guests with the Bedouin women at their home or in the desert in a tent or under the open sky.


We accompany them during their daily work. We will dress like them, and we will know how it feels to live behind the veil.


The Bedouin women joyfully await our visit, we bring them variety and the experience of many interesting hours together.


Rimah will accompany you on this journey and thanks to her translation from the Arabic language, she brings you closer to the life of the Bedouin women in Sinai.

This tour will be conducted provided there is a minimum of two women.

Email us and book your stay today by Rimah! We will get back to you as quickly as we can.


Cost per person per day: Euro 180.-(2 - 3 participants), Euro 160.- (4 and more participants)

(Excluding flights, transfers or hotel accommodation)





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Rimah Walther

St. Catherine

South-Sinai / Egypt



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